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LUND Renegade

The newest member of the Lund family is the Renegade. This aluminum fishing boat model is like no other Mod V bass fishing boat that you’ve ever seen. Lund proudly brings the tradition of quality and fishing rich features to this new model. With its modified V hull the Renegade is perfect for hunting shallow water redfish, snook, tarpon, trout & tripletail. The Renegade is available in both a 17’ and 18’ model and offers an optional bow livewell and multiple bow seat bases.

The Lund Renegade is full of rich fishing features and Lund’s tradition of quality. It’s the perfect aluminum fishing boat for targeting shallow water fish. This modified V aluminum hull (Mod V) fishing boat measures 17’9″ (1775) or 18’ 9”(1875) in length and has more standard fishing features than you’ll know what to do with. The Renegade has something for every angler from it’s bow rod locker (stores up to 9’ rods) to it’s rear tackle storage pods & advanced livewell options. With only a 11.5″ (1775) or 12” (1875) draft, there won’t be a target fish that can hide from your next fishing adventure.

2017 LUND 1775 Fishing Boat for sale in Ft Myers - 239-330-3387

– 1775 –

17′ 9″ LOA | 90 max hp
95″ beam width
22 gallon fuel tank
1195 lbs / 2322 lbs towed
4 person / 1225 lbs capacity
8′ Rod storage
RFenegade Fishing boat for sale in ft myers - call 239-330-33872017 LUND

– 1875 –

18′ 9″ LOA | 115 max hp
95″ beam width
22 gallon fuel tank
1270 lbs / 2322 lbs towed
4 person / 1325 lbs capacity
9′ Rod storage
forwatd casting bow - renegade by LUND

Versatile Casting Bow

Whether you want a solo bow casting platform for landing sportfish or multiple seat bases for family fishing, the Renegade has options that fit your fishing style.

Bow Livewell and storage - 2017 Renegade by LUND for sale in Ft Myers - call 239-330-3387


You can always use more storage on the water. At Lund, we’re dedicated to providing innovative storage compartments. From rod-lockers to gunnel storage, we’ve got you covered.

Rear Casting Deck - Renegade by LUND for sale in ft myers - call 239-330-3387


From our most basic aerated livewell, to the Prolong livewell with Max-Air fresh air injection and recirculation, to our ultimate Prolong Plus Livewell, we have an option for every type of fishermen.


60/90 HP Min/Max Horsepower
17′ 9″ Length
95″ Beam Width
68.25″ Chine Width
26″ Amidship Depth
24″ Bow Depth
20″ Transom Height
18.5″ Cockpit Depth
1195 (SS) Standard Boat Weight
4 Maximum Persons
1225 lbs Capacity
22 gallon Fuel Tank Capacity

Boat / Motor / Trailer

20′ 4″ Length
5′ 4″ Height
7′ 6″ Width
2322 lbs (SS) Towing Weight


IPS Hull Design
.100 Freeboard Thickness
0.100 Bottom Thickness
DTG Gunwale

Freeboard Color

Arctic white
Arctic White
Cobalt Blue
Cobalt Blue
Graphite Metallic
Graphite Metallic
Lund Red
Lund Red
Wilderness Green
Wilderness Green

Interior Color

Ash Carpet / Ash Vinyl

Ash Carpet / Ash Vinyl

Hull Color

Silver Stone

Silver Stone


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