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100 Hour(Annual) Boat Service

 Twin Screws Marine Service offers all boat maintenance services. If you are ready for your 20 hour service, 100 hour (Annual) service or 300 hour service, we’ve got you covered.

Call today to set your appointment with our mobile marine mechanics @ 239-330-3387 or to bring your boat in to our full-service marine repair shop at 2304 Bruner Lane, Suite 2, Fort Myers, FL 33912.


Is it time to Re-Power your outboard motor?

Call Twin Screws Marine Service for re-powering your outboard motor.
We have great pricing, terms, warranty and financing is available!
Call us today: 239-330-3387!

Custom 10′ Aluminum Jon Boat

  • 2 swivel 360 degrees cushion seats
  • 4 rod holders
  • 2 cup holders
  • 2 oar holders installed onto boat
  • 2 wooden oars 6 ft with oar hardware
  • 1 Bimini Canvas top White
  •  2 rear flip up tires and are also totally removable wheels for easy transport to and from the water. All wheel hardware is aluminum.

When tires are down boat can be rolled from water onto land with ease as well as from land into the water.
Great little fishing boat.
Note: Trolling motor pictured is NOT included.

Interested? Contact Us Today!

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2017 10 ft Tracker 1032 Aluminum boat – $800 OBO

2017 Tracker for sale in Fort Myers

Included Features:

  • 2 Aluminum oars
  • Rechargeable and portable air pump
  • 2 Aluminum bench seats
  • 2 custom seat cushions
  • 2 raft flooring options: Both aluminum hard floor boards and an air floor bladder
  • The raft has a 1,450 lbs capacity
  • 4 person capacity
  • 3 air chambers
  • 1,100 PVC thickness very strong and durable
  • Welded seams not glued
  • Wood transform
  • 5 hp capacity when used with air floor
  • 10 hp capacity when used with aluminum flooring
  • In excellent condition, like new
  • Colors gray and white
  • Portable easy to inflate and deflate
  • Easy set up
  • Zodiac excellent build quality

Great as a boat tender, fishing boat or just for a fun day on the water!

Interested?  Contact Us Today!

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2017 10 ft Zodiac Cadet Inflatable Boat – $800 OBO – SOLD!!

2017 Zodiac Cadet 10' for sale in fort myers

2018 Lund Boat Sale!

Come see Twin Screws Marine Service at our location: 2304 Bruner Lane Suite 2 Ft. Myers, FL 33912 or call 239-330-3387

We will be offering blow out pricing on all Lund Boats !
It’s time to buy a boat and start enjoying your life on the water!

2018 Lund Boat Sale!

Come see Twin Screws Marine Service at our location: 2304 Bruner Lane Suite 2 Ft. Myers, FL 33912 or call 239-330-3387

We will be offering blow out pricing on all Lund Boats !
It’s time to buy a boat and start enjoying your life on the water!

Suzuki Marine Outboard Sales, Service & Repair in Fort Myers, FL.

Repower with Suzuki and get up to 6 years of Warranty Coverage!
SUZUKI EXTENDED PROTECTION (S.E.P.) ON DF 25 – DF 350 HP, 4-stroke Outboards!

Contact Twin Screws Marine Service: 239-330-3387 to make your appointment today!

Suzuki Marine Outboard Sales, Service, Warranty, Repair in Fort Myers Fl

Twin Screws Marine Service is now a Suzuki Marine Outboard Dealer in Ft Myers!

Contact us today for all your Suzuki Marine Outboard Sales, Service, Mobile Service and Certified Warranty repairs.
Suzuki outboard annual service, troubleshooting and repair.
Computer Diagnostics for all Suzuki outboards is available.
Call 239-330-3387 to schedule your mobile marine service or bring your boat to our boat repair facility located at 2304 Bruner Lane, Suite 2 Fort Myers, FL 33912.

Certified, Factory Trained Marine Service in SW Florida

Please use the form below or call 239-330-3387 In Lee, Collier and Charlotte Counties of Southwest Florida to schedule your Marine Engine or Outboard Service or Boat Repair.  If you are located in the Sarasota or Tampa Bay area, please use the numbers provided at the top of the page.
Twin Screws Marine Service will get you back out on the water quickly so you may continue to make the most of the Florida Boating Lifestyle.
Please be as detailed as possible when describing your service request or issue.

We look forward to serving you soon…

Twin Screws Marine Service

New Mercury Verado 300 HP Gear Case

Brand New VERADO Lower Unit :
GC VER 1.85 CXL (25 inch shaft)
Counter Rotation
1 year warranty

We can still get you one!  Call today: 239-330-3387

300 HP Verado lower unit
Mercury Lower Unit

Contact us to see it in person or Call 239-330-3387
Twin Screws Marine Service offers mobile marine service and a full service center located at 2304 Bruner Lane, Fort Myers, FL 33912.

We can install and rig this NEW Mercury Verado 300 HP Gear Case for you at your location or bring your boat into our shop. Contact us today for rates and any questions you may have regarding this outboard.

Fishing boat service by Twin Screws Marine Service

Battery Management & Maintenance

Group 27 Marine AGM BatteryBattery Selection:

Most boat owners understand the importance of maintaining your vessel and it’s propulsion system – however some do not fully understand the reasons behind  or the importance of performing “annual service’.

Marine Battery Charger Sales, Installations in Ft MyersCharging & Maintaining your Batteries:

We all know how important it is for us to regularly maintain our cars’ and truck’s engine, transmission, tires and brakes. The regimen of oil changes, tire rotations and brake checks every 3000- 5000 miles has been burned into our collective mindset since we were kids.

Marine Battery Switch Sales, Installations & Repair in SW FLoridaUnderstand the use of your Battery Switch:

Savvy boat owners have a similar mindset. They understand that without regular maintenance (annually or per 100 hours of operation, whichever comes first) their beloved vessel could end up letting them down in a much more unforgiving environment than on the side of the road.

Marine Fuse Block Sales, Installation & Repair in Ft MyersFuse Blocks & Circuit Breakers:

In southwest Florida our weather and water conditions create an environment conducive to fun in the sun but those same conditions can wreak havoc on a vessel’s propulsion and other systems thus increasing the importance of maintaining a regular maintenance schedule.

Your Engine’s Charging System:

When it comes to outboard maintenance with today’s technologically advanced motors one thing is for certain; seasons of neglect will lead to major repair expenses at the very least. The bottom line is that you should have your boat’s motors (Inboard, I/O or Outboard) and safety systems serviced at least annually by a certified technician. Don’t find yourself saying, “If I only would have…”

The friendly, knowledgeable technicians at Twin Screws Marine Service can help you make the most of your time on the water by performing regular maintenance services at our Service Center in Ft Myers or ask us to come to you!

Call 239-330-3387 or use the form to the right to schedule your next service!

Power Maintenance at-a-glance

  • Stay with one battery chemistry (flooded, gel or AGM) Each battery type requires specific charging voltages. Mixing battery types can result in under- or over-charging. This may mean replacing all batteries on board at the same time.
  • Never mix old batteries with new ones in the same bank. While it seems like this would increase your overall capacity, old batteries tend to pull down the new ones to their deteriorated level.
  • Regulate charge voltages based on battery temperature and acceptance (manually or with sensing) to maximize battery life and reduce charge time. Ensure that your charging system is capable of delivering sufficient amperage to charge battery banks efficiently. This generally means an alternator/charger with 25% to 40% as many amperes as the capacity of your entire battery bank.
  • Keep batteries clean, cool and dry.
  • Check terminal connectors regularly to avoid loss of conductivity.
  • Add distilled water to flooded lead acid batteries when needed. Keep them charged. Leaving them in a discharged state for any length of time will damage them and lower their capacity.
  • Clean corrosion with a paste of baking soda and water.
  • Install & Use your battery switch. This will reduce accidental discharge ensuring the power you need will be available when required as well as allowing you the ability (in multi-battery installations) to choose a power source for house power needs while protecting your motor start reserves.

Schedule your 12v/24v/36v Service