annual service by Twin Screws Marine Service ensures worry-free boating

Importance of Annual Service in SW Florida

Most boat owners understand the importance of maintaining your vessel and it’s propulsion system – however some do not fully understand the reasons behind  or the importance of performing “annual service’.

We all know how important it is for us to regularly maintain our cars’ and truck’s engine, transmission, tires and brakes. The regimen of oil changes, tire rotations and brake checks every 3000- 5000 miles has been burned into our collective mindset since we were kids.

Savvy boat owners have a similar mindset. They understand that without regular maintenance (annually or per 100 hours of operation, whichever comes first) their beloved vessel could end up letting them down in a much more unforgiving environment than on the side of the road.

In southwest Florida our weather and water conditions create an environment conducive to fun in the sun but those same conditions can wreak havoc on a vessel’s propulsion and other systems thus increasing the importance of maintaining a regular maintenance schedule.

When it comes to today’s technologically advanced marine motors one thing is for certain; seasons of neglect will lead to major repair expenses at the very least. The bottom line is that you should have your boat’s motors (Inboard, I/O or Outboard), transmissions, outdrives or lower units and safety systems serviced at least annually by a certified technician. Don’t find yourself saying: “If I only would have…” while being towed in to shore instead of enjoying a glorious day on the water.

The friendly, knowledgeable technicians at Twin Screws Marine Service can help you make the most of your time on the water by performing regular maintenance services at our Service Center in Ft Myers or ask us to come to you for dockside or on-trailer marine service!

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Annual Service Checklist (minimum)

  • Inspect Spark Plug(s) – replace as needed
  • Inspect any Belts – replace as needed
  • Inspect Thermostat(s)- replace as needed
  • Replace Fuel Filters (including water separating fuel filter)
  • Replace Engine Oil & Oil Filter
  • Replace Lower Unit Gear Oil & Fill/Drain Seals
  • Inspect For Water in Lower Unit
  • If water is found, Pressure Test Lower Unit
  • Install New Water Pump Impeller and gaskets/seals
  • Remove Prop, lubricate Prop shaft & thrust washer & Inspect Seal
  • Inspect & Replace Zincs as needed
  • Grease Zirc Fittings, Prop Shaft, Drive Shaft
  • Inspect Popit Valve – replace as needed
  • Protect w/ Corrosion Block
  • Check Battery Charge Level & Condition
  • Perform Vital Systems Check
  • Check Trim, Steering & other Hydraulic Fluids
  • Inspect Steering Components
  • Inspect Vessel’s Pumps, Safety & Warning systems

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